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 Sandwich panels

All-aluminium sandwich panels

hlinikovy-sendvic-2.jpgAll-aluminium sandwich panels are used in constructing production applications of the highest standards, such as aircraft industry, productions of transportation facilities and wide range of products in the field of mechanical engineering. This is allowed by high durability and toughness that give it great mechanical strength even with very low weight. Another unique quality is capability of absorbing great amount of energy which makes it usable for so called absorbents of kinetic energy.

Composite sandwich panels

kompozitni-sendvic-1.jpgComposite sandwich panels meet all advantages of all-aluminium ones, that is high level of toughness and durability and low weight, furthermore it can be used to create spatial shapes (3D). That is due to the external linings made of laminate (fibreglass or carbon-fibre) and core of honeycomb made of 3D fibreglass mesh, Aramide or aluminium.

Flooring systems

Reinforced sandwich panels can carry heavy loads according to specifications. Surface is compound of aluminium and laminate, core is solid material (especially foam material). For track engineering is possible to achieve desired fire classification (e.g. DIN 5510, EN 45545) by choosing appropriate composition of a sandwich.