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 About us

About us

Although we are new to the market, our company is backed up by years of experience, solid support and invaluable knowledge of specialists and surface engineers from this field of tomorrow. Our professionalism in field of gluing and development of new composite patterns gives us clearly defined background allowing us to further develop and gain still better position on the market. We deal in development, production and application of composite materials with unique qualities. Composite materials can be generally described as combination of two materials with distinct attributes creating a new material with absolutely unique qualities that cannot be found with the original materials apart.

We are offering our services to customers with special and even the most uncommon requirements. To such customers we offer complex services in field of production of composite materials, professional gluing, special finishing and assembly works. We are looking for solutions for you. We will resolve your unsolved issues.

Our primary goal is to supply our customers not only with the product, but also with entire technical support, necessary counselling and even custom services. Thanks to that we can bring you technology originally only available in aircraft and space industry. We are working on the highest level possible. Guarantee is the ISO 9001 norm (criterion met in 2014).

Our products can save your money by substituting wide range of standard products and being superior in weight, thermal insulation, linking, durability, toughness of construction and many others. The money you can save with us will become your competitive advantage, so do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can find solution for your requirements and goals. Everything is possible in today’s world.